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Squid of light FULL VERSION

2016-12-28 08:51:18 by MMMgames

Hi! Long time no see here on Newgrounds :)  The reason for that is because I didn't work on anything HTML or Video related. I'm currently working on Windows horror adventure game called Code: Evolved But besides that I work as a programmer in a small startup company called IcyProjects. They are currently working on their first Android game called Squid of light. Squid of light was my first game here on Newgrounds . It was a simple browser game. But now the game has become much larger! 21 playable Squid, many missions, home decoration and much more... Game is coming out soon and you can check out Squid of light trailer on

And that's it for now... Happy Holidays and see you all soon with more news! :)

Unnamed game- done and uploaded!


Unnamed - development progress

2016-06-03 11:45:57 by MMMgames

Small update:

Story mode for my new puzzle Android / Browser game called "Unnamed" is done. Now I'm adding new mod called double. At this rate game should be done and uploaded by the end of this or next month :)

"Unnamed" content: 45 story mod puzzle stages (on English and Serbian), 45 double mod puzzle stages.

For now you can check small gameplay video on


First look on UNNAMED

2016-04-04 12:50:28 by MMMgames

Made small video for game called UNNAMED - first 5 stages

UNNAMED is a small HTML / Android puzzle game with cool little story and lot's of fun characters.

Full game will be done in a two or three month :)


New game

2016-03-08 16:14:13 by MMMgames

Hi! It was a long time since I posted something here on Newgrounds. The reason for that is I'm currently working on big arcade game with randomly generated levels for one and two players. Game is for windows only and you can check Mechanical Guardians DEMO on and tell me what you think. Every feedback is welcome :)

In the mean time I also started working on small still unnamed puzzle game with cute little story. Hopefully this game will be done late this month or early next month. In the mean time here are some screenshots

 5256665_145747165353_001.png 5256665_145747165273_002.png  

And that's it for now... see you soon with more news :)

"Project: Tabula Rasa" game is dead... Why? Many reasons. Main one was because this was the first game I didn't made alone. Never again! Every game I started making (since 2010.)  alone, I completed development and there never was a problem. But working with more peoples beside me is hell. Simply didn't work and I am sorry. This is a bed news but it taught me a lesson. From now on I work alone on my games. I know that way they never will be hi class games but I will definitely trying to improve my skills on every new game I work on.

Planes for the future? For now I'm working on "Mechanical Guardians". You can download demo and find more about that game on In the mean time I'm working on planes for my first big html game. All uptil now was practice in Game Maker Studio. Now it's time for real deal. Story for this new project is done some 70% and programming part didn't start yet. that is all I can say about my new HTML game. I will post news as frequently as I can. 

Have great day and see you soon with more news :)

Project: Tabula Rasa DEMO uploaded!

2015-12-12 08:13:14 by MMMgames


Project: Tabula Rasa DEMO - uploaded

Unfortunately GMS is not a good program for HTML ... I learned that a bit to late... So slowdowns are manageable but impossible to fix entirely :(

But you can always download Windows version

Check out gameplay video to learn how to use properly combo crystal attacks

Have fun and thank you for playing :)

New Year discount and other news!

2015-11-29 09:13:41 by MMMgames



So... "Project: Tabula Rasa"... 1 full month in development. And here are the results so far :)

Working hard every day to make this game happen and so far it's going great :) But if you wish to help with "Project: Tabula Rasa" development now you can by buying games that are in "New Year discount!" sale . All money from this sale goes to "Project: Tabula Rasa" development. Everything else goes to my other game called "Cyber Knight" :) For now you can watch short "Cyber Knight" weapon video on and early gameplay preview on

And... that's it for now. Thank you all for support and see you soon with more news :)


"Project: Tabula Rasa"... Vec ceo jedan mesec u izradi. I evo i dosadasnjih rezultata  :)

Radim naporno na ovoj igri i za sada sve ide kako treba :) Ali ukoliko zelite da pomognete pri izradi ove igre to mozete uraditi kupovinom bilo koje moje igre koja se trenutno nalazi u "New Year discount!" prodaji . Sav novac sa novogodisnje prodaje ide za izradu "Project: Tabula Rasa" a sve ostalo ide za izradu moje druge igre pod nazivom "Cyber Knight" :) za sada mozete pogledati kratak "Cyber Knight" video sa svim oruzjima i rani gameplay preview na

I to je to za sada... Hvala svima za podrsku i vidimo se uskoro sa novim vestima :)

Project: Tabula Rasa

2015-11-19 09:18:15 by MMMgames

White Wolf game called "Project: Tabula Rasa" finally take shape. Early gameplay preview is uploadded and redy for watch :) 

Epic battle between Wolf and Slime (first enemy in every good JRPG) :)


Also here is some info about the game: - NAME: Project: Tabula Rasa - GENRE: Survival JRPG - PLATFORM: Windows, HTML - LANGUAGE: English, Serbian

And... thats it for now. Have a great weekend and see you soon with more news!

Code: Evolved news!!

2015-11-12 09:48:18 by MMMgames

Well... First of all... game is no longer called Code: Evolved. It's "Project: Tabula Rasa" from now on.

Why name change? I don't have any good reason. I just think this is better name for the game :)
Game is already 2 weeks in development. So what I have to show you is first  (very early) gameplay preview (just walk in first room). And... here it is!


Also here is some info about the game:
- NAME: Project: Tabula Rasa
- GENRE: Survival JRPG
- LANGUAGE: English, Serbian

Old PSX game called "Parasite Eve" is a very strong inspiration for this game (Survival JRPG gameplay part of the game).  This is the most ambitious project I worked so far. I have 5 years of development experience behind me so... now the time is right for some big game! Also I learned a lot rom my last HTML game called "Without End" about HTML optimization so this game will be much smoother HTML expirience. That's it for now and see you soon with more news about "Cyber Knight" and "Project: Tabula Rasa" :)

5256665_144733969781_tumblr_nxpce4dHvW1t9hunro2_250.gif 5256665_144733969682_tumblr_nxpce4dHvW1t9hunro3_250.gif